• H.E.A.L. Self-Empowerment Program 3rd Ed.
    Fr., 28. Jan.
    Raum für KörperBewusstsein
    The Holistic Embodiment for Authentic Leadership (H.E.A.L.) project is offering a year long Self-Empowerment Program led by Sophie de Lacaze and Nuno Salema.
  • H.E.A.L. Introduction Weekend
    Fr., 12. Nov.
    Schulzestraße 21, 13187 Berlin, Germany
    Live Weekend Workshop to introduce you to Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Attachment Trauma, and the Authentic Leadership Model. This weekend will give you an overview of the topics explored in our Self-Empowerment Program - Holistic Embodiment for Authentic Leadership starting in January 2022.
  • Heart Core - Embodied Expression and Emotional Awareness for Couples
    Mi., 04. Nov.
    Raum für KörperBewusstsein
    My colleague and partner, Sophie de Lacaze, and I co-lead monthly open evenings for couples, guiding them to find new meaningful ways to feel, connect and explore each other.
  • O Masculino Reconciliado
    Do., 22. Okt.
    Ciclo de Encontros Online