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Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

As newborns we experience a free flow of energy in our bodies. As we grow and develop, we may go through disruptive experiences and wounding relationships from which we needed to protect ourselves from. In those moments, the flow is interrupted and the energy gets blocked. These defense mechanisms were vital for our survival but, over the years, the repetition of these actions develop into negative and destructive behavioral patterns that are expressed both in the body and on the emotional level.  We can become ungrounded and disconnected from our essence, limiting our free expression in the world.

Core Energetics is an evolutionary process that integrates Body, Mind and Spirit. 

In my practice, I will support you to create a space of safety and trust where old patterns that no longer serve you may surface to your awareness. By allowing both negative and positive emotions to be felt, you will grow into a more centered and embodied experience of yourself. Through touch, self-expression and intuitive movement, you will be encouraged to take steps into the unknown, unraveling the qualities that make you a unique, sensitive and creative human being.


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