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In 2013, I co-facilitated my first consulting project at TAP Air Portugal, aimed at management positions.


The positive impact of this first project subsequently led me to develop and implement several projects as a trainer in the areas of Communication, Interpersonal Relationship, Creative Leadership and Stress Management in various companies including Roche, Deloitte, L'Óreal, Auchan, Sheraton, Cofidis and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The practical and experiential methodology of this approach, based on dynamics and exercises of creative expression, empathic listening and cooperation, encourages playfulness and interaction between all participants.

Acquiring a higher quality of presence to oneself, a greater body awareness and taking

self-responsibility in the act of communicating and relating to others are key factors

of this methodology.

The observation and analysis of the proposed exercises provides relevant information to identify personal and collective dynamics of the teams, signaling blocking factors that cause stress and affect the performance and well-being of individuals. Likewise, during the training, positive individual and collective characteristics that may be under-exploited will be identified and enhanced, leading to greater satisfaction and achievement in the workplace.


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