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Nuno Salema 

Clinical Psychologist MSc
Core Energetics Body Psychotherapist, N.A.R.M. & Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist  

Trainer in Integral Communication and Authentic Leadership*
Co-Founder of Holistic Embodiment for Authentic Leadership (H.E.A.L.) Project

Founder of Men made Self
Co-Director of the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics


I have always felt drawn to the mysteries of Life. Throughout the years, I have explored different fields such as Psychology, various meditation methods, expressive arts and I have deepen my Spiritual practice. I experience life and Nature as an embodiment of pure creative expression, where the free flow of energy within ourselves connects us with the free flow of energy in the Universe in one inseparable unity.

My interest and research around self-awareness and personal growth, have led me to explore the connections between Psychology and Creative Expression. Over the years, I've developed projects in diverse social, institutional and corporate settings.

First at ISPA-IU University in Lisbon, where I lectured for 7 years and directed the university's Research Drama Group; in several different corporations working with team leaders and managers on the topics of Leadership, Interpersonal Communication and Self-Trust; in institutions where I was privileged to work with people diagnosed with Autism, young inmates and people diagnosed with Schizophrenia and other mental disorders. In all these processes, I could always experience how transformative and healing it is to feel connected with others in a creative and expressive way.

As a Core Energetics practitioner, I feel passionate to support people to find their way into self-healing. To guide them to face their shadows, work through their negativity towards life and reconnect to the uniqueness of their being.

I experience the transformative power of this work in my own life and I am committed to share it with others.



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