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The Holistic Embodiment for Authentic Leadership (H.E.A.L.) project is offering a year long

Self-Empowerment Program led by Sophie de Lacaze and Nuno Salema.

Both are dedicated and passionate about guiding individual clients, couples and groups. Trained in Core Energetics - a body-oriented psychotherapy that integrates body, mind, heart and spirit - they are inspired to work with people who have the desire to access their core qualities and express them in the world.

In their view, each human being has a unique and unlimited creative potential but, because of our life experiences and conditioning, we often express a mere glimpse of what we can actually manifest.

By exploring the main Principles of Core Energetics, participants of the Self-Empowerment Program will be able to recognize behavioral patterns that hold them back and cut them off from their life energy. Gradually, as we reconnect with our core, we start stepping into our leadership qualities. These can be implemented in any context or relational setting, be it in our work environment, our communities, intimate relationships or in parenthood.

As we become more aware of the challenges that we are facing as a species on a global scale, Sophie and Nuno believe that leadership is a game-changing factor. In a time where we feel uninspired by the leaders that (fail to) represent us, the moment is about self-responsibility.

To step into our authentic leadership, means to embrace our unique qualities and our vulnerabilities. It's about coming forward with our truth and to connect with others beyond separation, power struggles and abuse.
Throughout the program, you will be able to explore, experience and integrate the 6 Principles of the Authentic Leadership Model, developed by Sophie and Nuno, which will support you

to embody your leadership skills and bring them into your every day life.

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